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Past works


  • Manage interior design focused social media planning/scheduling and content creation through the use of Canva, Photoshop (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Update website, blogs, and all marketing materials. 

  • Work closely with Founder and Head of sales to create outreach tactics and marketing campaigns through social channels.

  • Scheduled and managed weekly posts with Buffer.


Before and after

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Topia Interactive

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​Current Client

  • Manage metaverse/web3 social media planning/scheduling and content creation through the use of Canva, Photoshop (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Do extensive outreach to potential B2B and B2C clients for increased exposure and sales

  • Work closely with Head of Growth and Community Manager for metaverse event planning and marketing tactics

  • Utilize Asana, Airtable, and notion for project management and organization


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Get Mr.

  • Highly engages with content and other accounts to increase followership. 

  • Creates graphics and themes for feed for aesthetics and likes. 

  • Take photos and stories with products to share across platforms.

  • Using popular trends and skincare advise to create videos as well as using UGC for posts.  


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Eternal Aliens

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  • Implemented influencer outreach program and successfully inducted over 30 consistent influencers.

  • Created content including stories, reels, product photos and graphics for brand.

  • Increased followership by over 10,000%. (Started with 10, after I worked with the company, had over 1,400.)


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Azuri Medical Spa

  • Created print materials, social media posts, graphics, videos, and other visual work for the center.

  • Worked closely with Chief Marketing Officer to meet with professionals in the area to set up events and market our services directly to consumers.

  • Scheduled and managed posts with programs like Later and Planoly.

  • Wrote copy for videos, photos, stories, and all posts across platforms and websites.

  • Assisted in administrative work and clerical duties during high-volume times.


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Sircle Media

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  • Created social media content including graphics, videos, and photos for multiple product accounts including Santera, Gutzy, Michters, and Snapbac.

  • Learned social media analytics and assisting programs such as Later, Opensponsorship, Facebook Ad Library, Instagram Analytics and more.

  • Engaged on social media in each brand’s tone and personality resulting in increase in likes, sales, and followers.


Florida Vibe

  • Created aesthetically pleasing graphics and posts for the brand.

  • Set up photoshoots to be used on site and social media posts. 

  • Set up social media accounts for brand.

Before and after

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